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I am married to my wife whom I’ve known for over a decade now. We have an infant son who is the light of my life and whom I would do anything for. I enjoy spending time with them the most, but when I am alone I enjoy binge watching TV (some faves: Supernatural, The Simpsons, American Dad) and playing video games (lately: Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Just Cause 4; email me if you play anything like these as I’m always looking for people to play with). I used to build a lot of miniature models, mostly Warhammer 40k. Recently I learned of the joy of cooking. I can only make over easy eggs, a marinara pasta sauce, and some slow cooker recipes, but I’m learning more complex recipes slowly.


I consider myself a software developer and “computer guy” first, but I have done work in an operations center, been in the Navy as an enlisted electrician and as an officer in various positions, and I’ve worked as a quality engineer. I like to do anything related to engineering, math, computer science, etc. I use whatever tools I need for each task, I am not tied to a particular IDE or language.

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