# ChrisOkuda.com ## Welcome Welcome to my nearly-blank website. I am a software developer and a father and don't have much time, so I decided not to spend much of it on this web site. ## Personal Interests * I love to spend any time at all with my wife and son, whenever I can. * I like to play video games on my Playstation when I get a free minute; mostly open world RPG style games or the Destiny-style MMO-FPS games. * I'm very interested in computer programming languages and I learn a little bit of any language I can find. My favorites are strongly-typed functional languages like Haskell, but I prefer to work in languages that are easier to deal with the tooling for, so I mostly code in Python these days. ## Career * I currently develop software for a company that provides software that lowers/optimizes a commercial building's HVAC energy usage while maintaining a comfortable environment for humans: * I used to develop software for two different battery controls companies that optimized the usage of battery storage installed at a commercial building in order to reduce peak energy usage. One of them also aggregated several of the batteries at once to provide quickly-dispatchable power for a utility company. * In the past, I have worked as a supplier quality engineer and a supervisor of incoming inspections at a medical device company, a software developer at a US state tax department, a systems administrator at a digital radio network communications research facility, and a US naval officer in several different shipboard positions. * I have a formal education in both computer science and mathematics, and I still enjoy learning about both areas as much as possible. ## Contact Me Email me at: `{my first name}@{look at your browser's address bar}` ### Credits This site uses the `md-page.js` script: